Nord Stage 3 Review

The Nord Stage 3 is an upgrade from its predecessor which was a high quality digital keyboard offering some great sounding synthesizer voices and useful features for performers.

This Nord Stage 3 review looks at just what makes this newer model so sought after and how it could help your performances. It has unrivalled memory capabilities and you can easily import your own samples using software that comes with the keyboard.


This keyboard offers what Nord callsB-3 simulation. This uses the latest tone wheel modeling to produce the best organ sounds. You can choose from different tone we’ll effects from clean to dirty sounds and leaky. This keyboard also consequent withdrawal buttons and LED strips as well as plenty of editable organ parameters.

You will notice that this keyboard has some good percussion options as well as reduce noises from key clicks. This 88 key keyboard is easy to play and you will not notice any accidental slipups such as double key presses or catching the keys with your palm.

It is easy to tell the rotary speed that is set for this keyboard thanks to third LED indicator lights. The green LED indicates slow rotary speed where is the right one indicates fast speed.


The piano library that comes with this keyboard includes grand imperial and grand lady D pianos. There is also a black upright piano option, which produces a unique and Pleasant sound.

Feedback from existing users of this model has been quite a varied but the majority of users love the piano sounds that come bundled with this keyboard. There are also plenty of Electric piano sounds to choose from including funk, grit and clav although the sounds haven’t been added to this newer model and are instead carried over from the Stage 1 version.


Whilst Nord provides a library of sample sounds for you to use, you are also able to load your own samples. This is a huge improvement on other stage models as it gives the user more flexibility. To operate this feature, only need to do is choose the “samp” Setting on the keyboard as the base waveform whilst in synth Mode.

You can still plenty of samples on this keyboard, as there are 999 slots. As the keyboard only has 380 MB of memory on board, it is likely that they will not even be enough memory for you to fill up all of the synth slots. The great thing about the user-defined synth Library is that it is completely separate from the piano section.

There is an additional 500 MB that is devoted to the additional preset piano sounds. The piano sounds include factory pianos and additional samples that come from Nord’s piano library.

You don’t even need to worry about the memory been cleared when you power off the keyboard because the memory blocks that come with this model our nonvolatile. This means that the sounds stored in the memory remain on the keyboard at all times until you decide to remove them.

The Nord Stage 3 comes with plenty of general-purpose sounds and you can also use the software that comes with it to load more sounds onto it. You can even record samples using other Nord models and import them to the sound bank on this keyboard. If you’re not into creating your own samples, you can still add to the standard set that comes with this keyboard by looking online.

The Nord website has plenty of samples to offer that you can download. The improved memory for user samples and piano sounds is a welcome change, as you don’t need to be so selective about what you upload to the keyboard. More at

Some users report bugs or issues with their keyboard when they receive it. If this happens, you don’t need to worry, as the software that comes with the keyboard allows you to easily update the firmware. This will iron out any issues or bugs so that it will operate seamlessly as it needs to.

The Stage 2 also allows you to change the sound of the samples that you have added to the keyboard. Modulation envelope and resident alternate filters for example are just some of the synth Controls that come with it. You can also layer samples over the top of each other to produce really unique sounds.

One of the only setbacks to using samples is that presets and samples that are stored on the keyboard are independent of each other. That means that if you delete a sample, the preset will remain but it will no longer be able to call up the sample that you’ve deleted. This is not ideal and a warning before you delete would be better.


What makes this Nord Stage keyboard stand out from all the other digital pianos and keyboards available at the moment is the fact that it is a highly functional and advanced modern synthesizer that office you plenty of features to create the most unique possible sounds.

With such a large on-board memory that is split to accommodate multiple libraries, you can really customize this keyboard to your liking. Additional software that comes bundled with the keyboard allows you to easily manipulate your samples and load them onto this synthesizer.

The Nord Stage 3 review gives you some idea of how advanced it really is and if you are using it for professional performance purposes, the vintage look coupled with the modern performance will make sure that you give are memorable and note worthy gig. More at