Aprice Non Slip Bathtub Mat

Aprice Non Slip Bathtub Mat

Aprice Non Slip Bathtub MatCustomer Reviews:

1. Very fun colors. I put the best non-slip bath mat for baby in boiling water to uncurl it and it worked great. It’s not very big but for my 2 yr old it’s great! I read a lot of the other reviews about sticking and not sticking to the tub. At first, it wasn’t sticking very well with everything everyone had suggested…. then by accident I discovered the best way to make it stick during the bath.

I put the water in the tub first and then put the mat in. I smooth it out from the center out. It doesn’t stick like glue, but it will stick enough to not move during the bath.We remove it after every bath and rinse it off before hanging it to dry. Overall very satisfied.

2. I’ve used the mat for my 2-year old both in the bath, and while showering, and it sticks fast! It provides great traction, and my daughter loves the duck design. And even when new and just out of the package, there was no weird plastic odor. The only downside is that the mat is short – it does not cover the entire floor of the tub, but rather only a portion.

3. My baby loves this mat! It sticks really well to the bathtub floor and is very colorful. Great quality too! Moreover, the baby does not slide on this mat – the surface is really non-slippery.

4. This shower non slip bathtub mat works great for my son to use when taking a bath so he doesn’t slip! It does not look moldy like others I have used. Suctions very well!

5. I got this for my baby just before she turned one. We decided to promote her to the big girl bath from the baby bathtub giving her more mobility. We knew that we needed something that was reliable for suction and was safe and slip-resistant. We got all of our wishes plus it’s really cute. My baby loves the bright colors and the little ducks.

We’ve had it now for about 5 months and it has held up very well. Easy to clean, just rinse after each bath with hot water and hang over the tub to dry. Flip it after a few hours so each side has a chance to fully dry. The only thing I wish is that it came in a bigger size for our large tub. But for the price, the size is actually really good. I highly recommend it!!

6. This is the perfect non slip bathtub mat for a standard size tub. I was worried about how long or short it would be, and whether the suction would really be strong enough to keep it in place in the tub – but so far so good. Very non-slip, which is most important to me, and no signs of gross mold growing on the bottom of it. I’d highly recommend it. More at https://www.brandreviewly.com/best-non-slip-bath-mat-for-baby/.

Bad Reviews:

1. This is a cute non slip bathtub mat and when my son was smaller and less mobile it worked nicely. However, at 14 months he needs a longer mat and isn’t as safe because it covers about 1/2 to 3/4 of the tub only.

Now that he is more mobile and splashes about in tub, his body moves around more while in the tub and I have to constantly pick him up and reseat him on the mat as his body naturally glides off during playing in the bath and would slip around if not on a mat. I rinse the bath mat after every bath but still tends to accumulate black mold quickly.

2. Did not stick to the bathtub at all whatsoever. My bathtub has a little bit of texture to it (not a lot) and I was hoping that the small suction cups would work ok. Also, it looks like it was rolled up for so long that when one edge came unstuck the whole thing started to roll up even with my daughter sitting on it. I stuck it in the closet and don’t intend to use it. The material seems like it would be easy to clean and it’s fairly thick.

3. I give this bathmat 2 stars it is a nice think mat and I believe it would work if it would stay flat and stop rolling up. It also does not stay suctioned to the bathtub. I have tried putting something heavy on it for a few days to see if that would help. But unfortunately, it did not work. More at https://www.brandreviewly.com/.

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